The United Way Impact

When giving to the United Way of Whitewater Valley, you can feel confident in knowing you are making a tremendous impact for not just one group of people in your community, but for several. United Way of Whitewater Valley supports a variety of programs across Wayne and Union counties across not one, two, or three, but FOUR focus areas. 

UWWV supports programs that address childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, and access to health. These targeted areas are all equally important to us because all four must be lifted up and supported to build strong thriving communities. Simply put, there’s no one good place to start in order to improve things for the people in the Whitewater Valley. The way these four areas intersect in our everyday live’s, is the same way our organization fights to ensure all four are equally supported throughout the greater Whitewater Valley area.  

United way sits at the Intersection of the Community  

We sit at the intersection of our community to help a broader variety of families in need. There are many concerns our neighbors share. It may be difficult to address them all, but that is what we are set out to do. UWWV is constantly looking to flex for our community and focus on their primary needs. This is why our organization is determined to pinpoint where the needs lie and understand how to utilize the resources you’ve provided for us.  

We examine the charitable organizations to ensure their impact, outcomes, and effectiveness are genuine and best-suited to address our local needs. Every program must meet a need, address the root cause of this need, and create outcomes of change in one of our four focus areas. 

Misty Hollis from the Richmond Family YMCA could not have said it better, “The one gift that United Way brings to the table, is that they are checking all the organizations ensuring that the donation that you’re giving is going to a true non-profit and that they (non-profits) are doing what they say they’re going to do… meeting an impact that has already been decided through many conversations with United Way. So you’re writing a check, and the impact isn’t going to just one organization, but an organization that the United Way deemed meets the mission of having an impact on this greater Whitewater Valley.” 

See the full interview on UWWV’s impact on YMCA here: 

Through these efforts, we can create lasting influences in areas. Such as, after school care in Union County, or utility assistance in Wayne County. Learn about even more reasons to give to UWWV here: 

Keeping the Non-Profit World Connected 

Being a catalyst for change in our community is an integral part of our mission. What does that entail exactly? It means we build bridges to stay connected. Whether it be hosting quarterly non-profit luncheons, encouraging businesses to host workplace giving campaigns, our More Than Words program, and more! We are always searching for new ways of getting everyone involved! 

Currently, we host quarterly non-profit luncheons giving all non-profits the opportunity to connect and collaborate. All who attend have the opportunity to talk about what work they are doing. It is also a great chance to hear what other organizations are doing. We learn about the current needs on the rise in our community.  

There are open discussions on paramount concerns that are happening to, more than likely, many others around us. We get to hear how they are dealing with these social issues and how to be proactive against any potential concerns. Our luncheons are an excellent way to focus on specific topics that can be helpful for your organization. A few topics we have gone over recently include: Unlocking Your Nonprofit’s Potential: Charting A Course for Success, Data Analytics and Why they Affect You, and Making Your Non-Proift Marketable. 

United Way of Whitewater Valley logos

more than words impact

More Than Words is a United Way of Whitewater Valley program that seeks to connect schools, businesses, and community organizations. It seeks to give kids and families a vision for how we live and work together in Wayne and Union Counties. We use a series of monthly words and work together toward a better way to be.

This program provides resources employers with ways to look for our monthly value in the workplace. As well as, ways to encourage parents to use the resources at home. Furthermore, we also partner with organizations like Morrisson-Reeves Library, the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce, and many others to share the values in as many places as possible. Lastly, it also provides social-emotional learning and character education curriculum and resources to local schools. 

To learn more about our More Than Words program visit us here: 

Your Dollars Are Matched 

When you give to United Way Whitewater Valley, every dollar given is leveraged for maximum impact. Your ability to give is multiplied when your gift is combined with others. The donation becomes $5, $25, $200, or $2,000, or even $20,000. When it is combined with donations from likeminded individuals. The impact is greater because the financial pool is larger. Your gift goes further by Giving to United Way. 

Our roots are in collective impact organizing, meaning we work collectively to maximize our local impact. Essentially, we gather funding from various sources and seek to match that funding with other sources. Then, work with our partners to direct resources to address systemic social issues. So, instead of donating $1.00 to one organization, you can donate $1.00 that’s matched. Then, added to a lot of other dollars and given to the local organizations committed to making the biggest impact. You can read more about where your donations go at: 


Now that you know more about why the United Way matters, and the impact it brings to your community. Are you ready to get started? Spread positivity and join us in our fight! For the health, education and financial stability of everyone in Wayne and Union counties by donating today.  

Get to know more about our program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, and access to health. Read more about their stories here. Or, sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.