Our Impact on the Community

United Way of Whitewater Valley’s impact is more than just numbers. We collect the data to ensure that we are making a quantifiable difference and moving our communities forward – but the thing that keeps us working so hard for Union County and Wayne County is the impact made on our friends and neighbors.

We’ve collected these stories to show you precisely what your generous donations do for United Way’s impact on the community. These are lives that have been irrevocably changed for the better.

Early Childhood Success

"My child was provided with books he has not had. We focus on reading every night, and with these, we have the perfect stories to tell. My daughter loved the books and was very excited to receive them. EXCEL [Achieva Resource] family programs are a great resource for the community."

A Whitewater Valley Community Parent

422 children in Union County and Wayne County were able to access quality early childhood programs over the last year. This means those children will enter Kindergarten better prepared for success.


“A first grader arrived to our center on her first day. She was petrified, as everything was new to her, and she cried most of her first day here. It’s now been 4 months since she started, and she has made many new friends and arrives to our center happy each day. ”

Girls, Inc.

Building skills and improving school performance means that more students in Union County and Wayne County will be workforce or college-ready when they graduate and be more competitive with students across the country.


“One of our attendees was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment and had surgery during the time of our trainings. She stated that our trainings really gave her something to look forward to and something for her to focus on that was positive. The group has really rallied around this individual and has been a great support for her. She also said that the food gift cards we handed out helped her to be able to eat some months.”

Natco Community Empowerment Center

Our focus on economic mobility means investing in our Program Partners so that the individuals and families they serve will improve their socioeconomic status and be part of a thriving community. Our Program Partners were able to help 68 individuals and families from our community gain access to services and supports to improve their financial stability and access to affordable housing. Of the people served, we are proud to report that 100% of them increased disposable income and/or reduced household costs.


"A young man in our program has wanted to learn to cook more things. He knew how to put a frozen pizza in the oven, and things like that but not using the top of the stove. He had been participating in the nutrition and cooking program and was learning! He asked to learn how to make grilled cheese and practiced it. This was a first step and quite a great one! ”


Our Program Partners helped 5,271 people just last year access healthcare support, like preventative care, mental health treatment and counseling, and services for people with physical disabilities.

United Way’s Impact

You can see that United Way’s impact on the community creates a domino effect: when you ensure children have a strong start in education and the parents are supported, you end up with an empowered, successful community full of people ready to give back and continue the fight against poverty. We are able to do this thanks to your generous support in education, economic mobility, and health for all the residents of Union and Wayne Counties.

Making An Impact 2021