Annual Campaign Toolkit

United Way of Whitewater Valley is happy to provide materials to help you launch and manage a successful annual campaign. We’ve created this toolkit to help you organize the campaign, communicate it to employees, and share with the community your company’s involvement along with other resources to make your job as easy as possible.

Organizational Tools

2021 Kickoff Video

We created a video to help your organization learn more about the impact they are making locally. This video can be used in a variety of ways like adding it to your CEO’s kickoff email, or sharing it on social media.

Easy Campaign Ideas

We know campaigns that include a day of fun activities for employees are more successful. So, we are providing you with ideas to get your mind working. These fun activities help strengthen employee connection to each other and their community.

Campaign Tools

Pledge Form

Our pledge forms now have a custom QR code for employees to scan. Download the digital Pledge Form and use it as is OR contact us (link to contact page) to have a custom form made for your organization.

Mobile Cause

Using Mobile Cause your company’s employees can give directly from their smartphone. Contact us (link to contact page) today to set up a business customized form or click the image to get the standard business form. The web address can be linked in an email to employees to fill out.

Additional Tool

Impact at a Glance Infographics

Use these infographics to show employees how impactful their donation dollars have been over the last year.

Impact at a Glance
Access to Health
Youth Success
Economic Mobility
Childhood Success

Marketing Tools


Are you making some of your own workplace graphics? Here is easy access to the United Way of Whitewater Valley Logo.

Email Auto Signature

Did you know email reader’s look at your auto signature before reading your email? Yes! It’s true! That’s why we created an email auto signature template to help you promote your annual workplace campaign.

Give Now | Join Us | Learn More

Email series template

We’ve created a complete annual campaign email series to make communicating with employees even easier. Download this email series to access a campaign invitation, reminder, thank you email, and more.

Campaign Invitation
Campaign Remainder
Thank You
CEO Endorsement
CEO Thank You

Employee Buck Slip

The buck slip is the ideal marketing collateral for employee break rooms or goody-bags. It reminds employees to give and it doubles as a bookmark! Download this ready-made marketing asset and send off to your printer today!

Employee Campaign Flyer

Help tell the story of United Way of Whitewater Valley’s impact on the community and how our impact is possible because of donations of local companies. Download this print-ready flyer for your employee launch day.

“Where the Money Goes” Flyer

Join Olivia and see just how your money helps her and her family to thrive. This marketing asset allows your employees to understand, why donating to United Way is so important and how their donations are used.

Social Media Posts

Show off to all your social media followers the impact you have made. Your contributions make a difference, use these premade social media images to highlight your workplace campaign.

Need Something Else?

We want to make sure you have everything you need for your annual campaign.
For any questions, please contact us!