Corporate Partners

United Way of Whitewater Valley (UWWV) works with local businesses, government organizations, nonprofits, and other entities to address problems endemic to our communities within Union County and Wayne County. Why do we work with so many different organizations? No single organization can do it all on their own. UWWV is the essential connection between businesses looking to establish a culture of corporate social responsibility and organizations in need of financial assistance to serve our communities. In short, we make sure your investments yield the highest possible return so that you can make the biggest impact on our community.

Start a Workplace Campaign

Corporate partners can contribute in several ways, but the most exciting and engaging way to get involved is an Employee Workplace Campaign, where your entire organization gets involved to meet fundraising goals. The best part? United Way of Whitewater Valley provides all the resources you need to run your annual campaign – we even write the emails for you! We also provide marketing resources to use in our workplace toolkit, like pledge forms, flyers, helpful explanations about the impact you’re making, and suggestions to make the campaign fun. 

Ready to host a Workplace Campaign? 

First Bank Richmond

Give a Corporate Gift

Becoming a corporate partner with United Way of Whitewater Valley helps you meet your social responsibility objectives, engages your employees, and demonstrates your passion to make a difference in the community you call home. Your contributions can go to a specific endeavor – for example, early childhood success or access to healthcare – or you can allow us to help you choose. Our goal is to make sure your corporation’s gift goes to support our community’s most treasured programs.



When you’re ready to become a corporate partner with United Way of Whitewater Valley, you’ll be in good company. Check out our list of local corporate leaders below and know that when you use their services, you’re supporting a company that believes in transforming our community for the better.