We strive to treat others right, make smart decisions and maximize our potential. Imagine for a moment a community where these three things happened:

Treat others right:

  • What if we gave others the benefit of the doubt, knowing that they, too, feel anxiety and worry over the lasting effects of the pandemic?
  • What if we sought to set aside ourselves and consider other points of view before speaking?
  • What if we actively encouraged one another as leaders?

Make smart decisions:

  • What if we acted each moment as if someone was watching our behaviors and learning from them, be it a child, coworker, or friend? (Spoiler alert: they are.)
  • What if we intentionally spoke to young people about the mistakes we've made to help them see failure not as a weakness but as a moment of growth?
  • What if we looked for ways to think collaboratively about big decisions upcoming?

Maximize your potential:

  • What if we believed as a community that our best days are yet to come?
  • What if we chose to spend some of our time each day learning something new, unrelated to our chosen career?
  • What if we valued our own (and our families') mental health as a high priority for the next six months?
The United Way of Whitewater Valley is committed to building lasting relationships that uplift all in the community.

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