This month we are focusing on INTEGRITY: choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

This one can be tough to talk about, because it can require a close examination of who we are. Being honest with what we say and do means that we take responsibility when we mess up, that we don't blame others for our faults, and that we show integrity wherever we are. It can be easy to do those things in public situations and then slip up when we think no one's looking.

It's also interesting right now in light of the political climate, "fake news", "Deepfake" videos, and watching the science of a pandemic unfold before our very eyes. Having conversations about what truth is, how to choose to have integrity, and media and social media literacy seems like it might be too big to tackle right now. On the contrary, now is the best moment. Instead of focusing on the integrity (or lack of integrity) of public figures or people we follow on social media, how might we focus on practicing integrity right near us - in our homes, places of work, schools, and our own hearts?

Here are some ways to practice integrity this month:


  • Come clean when you have made a hasty or misguided decision. You do not blame others. You apologize and move on.
  • Acknowledge and thank people when they are transparent and honest with you.
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