More Than Words

More Than Words is an initiative of the United Way of Whitewater Valley which seeks to bring together schools, businesses, and community organizations around the common language of a value word and application every month.

This month we are highlighting RESPONSIBILITY, which we define as proving you can be trusted with what's expected of you.


Once again, we really like this definition (or application, if you prefer) because it pivots to trust instead of task completion. In other words, responsibility is less about having the correct supplies or checking off a list and more about one's character. Can you be trusted with what's asked or expected of you? 


If possible, capitalize on this small distinction this month when you are talking with kids (and adults!). Being responsible with the tasks, responsibilities and expectations that you face now does something important: it shows those who lead you that you can be trusted. That kind of trust leads to open doors and deeper responsibility later. However, conversations about trust can be a tricky thing right now, since there is so much distrust in the world. This makes the topic even more important. Instilling trustworthiness in our young people and displaying trustworthiness ourselves is a game-changer in building relationships and working together for a stronger community.

Monthly Files
Each bubble holds all the files needed to learn and grow in this months word. This month, schools please email to sign up for the whole curriculum.

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