More Than Words

More Than Words is an initiative of the United Way of Whitewater Valley which seeks to bring together schools, businesses, and community organizations around the common language of a value word and application every month.


Most kids don’t have access to their own money, so teaching generosity might seem like a fool’s errand. However, learning to be generous with what kids DO have can set the stage for a lifetime of giving. Teaching kids to be generous with their time, with their compliments, with sharing their toys and with their kindness is a skill you certainly want to grow in them as they become citizens of our community in the future.


As we continue to navigate COVID in all of our organizations, we can acknowledge and encourage generosity in our schools and communities in very explicit ways. Pointing out generosity and showing gratitude when someone gives anything - a smile, a compliment, a few moments of listening, seriously, anything! - will help us all find moments of hope and kindness this winter.



  • Employees share job related information willingly with each other
  • People donate to local causes and charities
  • Staff members volunteer their time to causes that matter to them

Monthly Files
Each bubble holds all the files needed to learn and grow in this months word. This month, schools please email to sign up for the whole curriculum.

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