The checks coming through the CARES Act to each American is tax exempt. Also, if you donate up to $300 to a non-profit, that money will automatically come off next years taxes! No itemization, no hoops to jump through!


Gateway Gift
Through generous donations of the community, United Way was able to gift Gateway Hunger Relief Center with a check for $7,500 to help with COVID-19 relief.

Are you ready for the 2020 Census?

The 2020 Census is on April 1, 2020. 

Forward Wayne County's primary goal is to increase our county population because we know that leads to attracting more talent, increasing median income, and improving our quality of life. That's why we're supporting local initiatives to promote the upcoming 2020 census. 

Did you know each uncounted person results in roughly $1,800 lost in federal funding? That adds up fast and this estimate doesn’t include the lost data about our community and its residents. We can’t put a price on that.

We need every person Wayne to get counted and make their voices heard. In addition to educating the public on why the census is so important, the region is hiring Census Takers to help people complete their census. Wayne County needs 450 Census Takers. To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

The United Way gained Text to Give!

Text uw1928 to 44321 to make an impact in your community!

March 3, 2020

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Color for a Cause is an event held every year at the Richmond Square Mall. Organizations from Wayne County are given a poster to color for two hours. During that time, the public can shop at the mall, hand their receipt to the event organizers, and give the organization of their choice the points equating to the dollar amount on the receipt. At the end of the two hours, those points are tallied and the People's Choice Award is announced. Also, the judges get to decide who wins on best overall design. This year, the Wayne County Historical Museum won People's Choice, and United Way won Judge's Choice. 

I regularly feel like the values are perfectly placed for where our community is in a particular moment, but it has never quite come together like this. However, instead of simply encouraging people to show a certain behavior this month, I think we should also acknowledge that this month's word is already happening, all around us, in adults and kids alike. The word this month is HUMILITY- putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.


Every person who is staying home is showing humility.
Every person serving food or shopping for others is showing humility.
Everyone keeping us going as essential workers are showing humility.
Every person working in health care or as a first responder is showing humility.
Every kid who is disappointed that their special event got cancelled (sports, music, prom, etc) is showing humility.
Every teacher trying to figure out how to encourage, teach, and equip kids right now is showing humility.
Everyone working from home despite interruptions from children and pets is showing humility.

Due to the changing world in which we live, all More Than Words materials usually passed out at schools are now in a DropBox account that you can access.