Getting Involved with UWWV

The United Way of Whitewater Valley is a member of United Way Worldwide. Moreover, it is a global network of nearly 1800 local nonprofit fundraising affiliates. United Way of Whitewater Valley serves Wayne and Union County which are part of this network. UWW & UWWV aim to improve the quality of life for those vulnerable in our communities, which is no simple task.  

We need your help to do this! Are you willing to lend a hand? Let us show you why getting involved can mean so much to everyone around you. You see, we believe it is essential to begin by supporting parents in their own economic mobility. Thus, they feel empowered as individuals and members of their community. It is essential we tackle the social issues that decrease early childhood development. Therefore, this can further ensure youth success in their futures. 

How can you Get Involved? 

Furthermore, there are a number of options to get involved and join us in this important work: 

  • Join the Board of Directors: Our board of directors is responsible for governance, oversight, and major decision-making. As well as strategic planning, representing the interests of those who support the United Way, and how best to support the needs of the community while carrying out the mission of United Way. 

Also, you can use this link to read our blog which takes a deeper dive into what it means to join our board: 

  • Joining a Committee: Committees are created to accomplish tasks. UWWV has a few options for committee work: the finance committee, fundraising/development committee, governance committee and grant committee.  
  • Become a volunteer: An extra pair of hands can do wonders for our small but mighty organization. Throughout the year, we host campaigns, fundraisers, attend events, and more. Your help can have a huge impact. 
  • Become a Donor: Giving goes a long way in our community and can impact the lives of many individuals in need. Consider making a donation here
  • Host a Workplace Campaign: Reach out to your employer about hosting a workplace campaign! These campaigns make big waves in our fundraising buckets, and we encourage more of our local employers to get involved. 
  • Sponsor a Specific Program: You can sponsor specific programs such as More Than Words! Every month MTW chooses a new word of focus to give kids and families a vision for how we live and work together in Wayne and Union Counties. 

What does it mean for you? 

Well, there can be many benefits when getting involved with your local United Way. Studies show a positive association between volunteering and one’s psychological well-being. Not only this, but when you give to United Way Whitewater Valley you can be sure your funds are used locally. Ultimately, your dollars go to help the families and individuals in the communities we serve. Your support could help someone struggling to keep the lights. Or, a family struggling to put food on the table or educational programs for school age children 

Finally, we know there are many opportunities to support our community! Supporting our United Way’s work is your choice, a personal choice, and we appreciate that support! This year, keep UWWV in your hearts, because we keep Wayne and Union counties in ours. Reach out today if any of these topics have piqued your interest or raised any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you! Thank you for taking the time to read about the United Way impact.  


Support for your local United Way can look different for everybody! Join us in our fight for the health, education and financial stability of everyone in Wayne and Union counties by donating today.  

Get to know more about our program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, and access to health. Read more about their stories here, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.