21 Days of Giving and Volunteering in Wayne County and Union County

Volunteering in Wayne County

The holidays are just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Here at United Way of Whitewater Valley, we think of beautiful winter days and warm cups of hot chocolate. The holidays have a way of bringing out our generous natures.

For some people, it looks like enjoying time with friends and family; for others, they love to find that perfect gift, and some choose to give their time to those who need support.   

Regardless of how you choose to spend the holiday’s everyone can agree this time of year is a season of giving. There are so many opportunities for giving and volunteering in Wayne and Union Counties year-round. However, around the holidays, it seems like there are endless possibilities for giving back to your community. We also know that while the holidays can be a difficult time to give for some members of our community, between Christmas presents and holiday visits, there is not much left for anything else.   

We believe that giving can be time and talent, not just treasure, so giving does not have to be financial. There are so many other ways to show support. You can give donations, like old winter coats to the Salvation Army.  Or the gift of skill, like writers, can donate their time to write a blog article or those that love to organize can bring that skill to a food pantry this season.  

To you started we are bringing you 21 Days of Giving and Volunteering in Wayne County and Union County. There are many ways that you can make an impact this season! 

Volunteering in Wayne County and Union County 

  1. Circle U’s Thanksgiving Dinner  

Donate your time this holiday to the Circle U Help Center. They provide a Thanksgiving meal to individuals all over Wayne County. Check their website for more information

  1. The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree 

Provide a personalized gift to children this year. This is your chance to make a child’s Christmas unforgettable. Visit the Salvation Army Website for more information

  1. Good News Habitat for Humanity 

Volunteer with Good News Habitat for Humanity. Put your skills to good use by volunteering to help with construction, assisting in the office, or participating on the volunteer relations committee. Learn more about Good News Habitat for Humanity.  

  1. Wayne and Union County Food Pantry’s  

Offer your support at a local food pantry in Wayne or Union Counties. They are always in need of volunteers! Find the nearest food pantry to you here.  

  1. The Salvation Army  

Donate your time this holiday to the Salvation Army. You can do more than just bell ringing! Visit the link to learn more and the volunteer application.  

  1. Amigos, Richmond Latino Center  

Volunteer as mentor, tennis coach, English teacher, and so much more. Amigos Richmond Latino Center is always looking for volunteers. Check out their website for more information.   

  1. Cope Environmental Center  

Learn and volunteer at the same time at Cope Environmental Center. They also have opportunities for group volunteering. Go to their website to learn more.   

Giving in Wayne and Union Counties: Financial Contribution 

  1. Marine’s Toys for Tots  

Donate a toy to local children in Wayne and Union counties. Purchase a couple of extras of your children or grandchildren’s favorite toys. Visit the link for toy donation boxes.   

  1. Wayne and Union County Food Pantry’s  

Support local food pantries with donations. Purchase nonperishable goods for the food pantry near you! Find the nearest food pantry to you here.  

  1. Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana  

Support your local Goodwill by donating gently used winter items such as coats, boots and hats. Find a Goodwill near you!  

  1. Amigos, Richmond Latino Center  

Donate gently used furniture, kitchenware, household items, and clothing to Amigos, Richmond Latino Center. Contact ivonne@amigoslatinocenter.org to schedule a time for pickup or drop off.  

  1. NATCO Empowerment Center  

As a gift to the community, give some of your gently used business attire for women or men to NATCO Empowerment Center. Visit their website for more information.  

  1. Neighborhood Health Center  

Support patients of the Neighborhood Health Center with some new personal hygiene items such as deodorant, shampoo, soap and feminine products. Go to their website for more information.   

  1. Bridges for Life  

Donate much-needed items to Bridges for Life. They accept all of the following items: toiletries, kid’s items and stuffed animals—contact Bridges for Life for more information

Donating in Wayne and Union Counties: Resources 

  1. United Way of Whitewater Valley 

Support local nonprofits and agencies by donating to United Way of Whitewater Valley. We provide funding to critical nonprofits and agencies throughout Wayne and Union counties. Visit our website to learn more.  

  1. Hope House Men’s Shelter  

Help support the community by donating to the local men’s shelter, Hope House. They have multiple options for donations. Visit their website for more information.   

  1. A Better Way Services (Formerly Genesis of Richmond) 

Help support the community by donating to the local men’s shelter, Hope House. They have multiple options for donations. Visit their Facebook page for more information

  1. Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County  

Make a difference in a child’s life by donating to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County. Visit their website for more information.  

  1. Girls Inc. Wayne County  

Help inspire girls to be brave, strong and bold by supporting Girls Inc. Wayne County. Visit their website for more information.  

  1. Wayne County Foundation  

There are many ways to give to the Wayne County Foundation. Learn more about their different endowment funds on their website.  

  1. 2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond Inc.  

Supporting the Wayne and Union Counties also looks like supporting our furry friends. Learn more about how you can help

Volunteering in Wayne County

Make This Holiday Season Count 


These are only 21 of the ways that you can give back to your community during the holidays. There are so many more opportunities to give your time, talent, and treasure. There is an extensive list of worthy organizations, the ones we listed are only a few. Each of them would be grateful to receive your support this season.  

The holiday season is the person’s time to give back. Let your generosity benefit the community. This year more than ever, we need to support those who are struggling. Let’s make this holiday season even more memorable by giving back and volunteering in Wayne County and Union County.   

We look forward to this holidays season and the generosity that always warms our hearts. Learn more about our program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood successyouth successeconomic mobilityand access to health. Read more about their stories here, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.