Nonprofit Spotlight: Natco Community Empowerment Center

Nacto Community Empowerment Center

Natco Community Empowerment Center

As a supporter of Wayne and Union counties, United Way of Whitewater Valley works every day to be a catalyst for change. At United Way of Whitewater Valley, we specifically focus on four areas. All nonprofits we support are a part of four areas: childhood success, youth success, access to health and economic mobility.  

With the changing times and a struggling economy, economic mobility support has never been so critical. Families are unemployed and struggling, which is why we are thankful for the nonprofits who are working to offer support. With the decline of financial literacy in America, there is a need for an organization that can help close this knowledge gap. You might be asking yourself, what does financial literacy mean? Financial literacy is the understanding and ability to use various financial skills: personal finance, budgeting, and investing.   

Every couple of years the Financial Industry Regulator Authority will survey consumer’s financial knowledge, this survey concluded that only 34% of Americans are considered financially literate. They also found that 46% of Americans lack a rainy-day fund that would cover emergencies such as loss of job, sickness, or economic downturn. We are amid an economic downturn. The effects of COVID-19 have changed the lives of individuals all over Wayne and Union counties.  

Available Programs 

As families are trying to get back on their feet, organizations like the Natco Community Empowerment Center, provide resources for families to secure their financial future, even in the hard times.  As an arm of the Natco Credit Union, they specialize in helping individuals who have financial barriers. In other words, many low-income families struggle with financial literacy. They do not have the tools they need to be successful, such as debt management, budgeting, and retirement planning. Natco works to empower individuals with information so they can make informed financial decisions. Natco Community Empowerment Center’s impact is not only limited to financial literacy. They also offer multiple classes, programs, and training sessions.  

  • Creating Accountability and Sustainability Healthy Habits: Interactive workshop for individuals who want to take control of their finances.
  • Bridges Out of Poverty: A workshop focusing on the unique struggles facing those living in poverty.   
  • THRIVING: A 15-week small group training focuses on turning your big and small dreams into reality.   
  • Meal Planning: A class the teaches you how to schedule your meals around weekly sale ads, cook once eat twice, meal prepping, prepping freezer meals, and more.   
  • Sewing to Save: A sowing class, teaching you how to extend the life or revamp your clothing.   
  • Biz Kid$: An education resource teaching kids’ (grades 6-12) financial literacy, personal finance, and entrepreneurship.   
  • Frugal, Fabulous, and Fun: Interactive workshop treating tips and tricks for couponing, planning, and making your money work for you.  
  • Living in Poverty – The Experience Poverty Simulation: A workshop that allows you to walk in the shoes of someone who has a low-income.  

How Can They Help You?  

Natco Community Empowerment Center’s resources are available to anyone. They come at no cost to you. Natco can also help you find resources for immediate relief. Each of the programs is created for your unique situation. Natco understands that no individual or family’s needs are the same everyone has a different goal. Learn more about what Natco can do for you by clicking here.  

Partnership and Collaboration    

Our relationship with our agency’s partners is not just to provide grants. Instead, we are a microphone to the community. Making sure that residents of our community can see, hear, and understand the impact that nonprofits are having. No impact is too small, programs that help a few people at a time are still worthwhile. In 2019, we granted funds to Natco Community Empower to support their programs targeted towards economic mobility. United Way of Whitewater Valley invested $7,500 into economic mobility during 2019. As a result of these funds, 68 families were able to access services that improved their economic stability.   

One of the individuals helped by the Natco Community Empowerment Center said, “one of [Natco Community Empowerment Center’s] attendees was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment/ had surgery during the time of our training sessions. She stated that our training sessions gave her something to look forward to and something for her to focus on that was positive. The group has rallied around this individual and been a great support for her. She also said that the food gift cards we handed out helped her to be able to eat some months.” Everyone needs support during their life Natco Community Empowerment Center is one of the nonprofits offering support to Wayne and Union counties. 

By giving to United Way of Whitewater Valley you are helping fund many programs and impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of people’s lives. We accept donations year-round; you can donate by simply clicking here.