REACH Local Families in NEED

The United Way of Whitewater Valley managed a utility assistance fund for several years. As we further evaluated the needs of our community, we discovered our neighbors need more than just utility assistance. We learned members of our community need help with childcare, transportation, and more. This discovery led us to launch the Relief for Everyday Assistance through Community Help (REACH) Program.  

What is the reach program?

We believe the impact of inflation, Covid-19, and the economic challenges of our country has increased the need in our community, especially for low-income families. Over the last few years prices of gas, groceries, childcare, transportation, and utility bills have significantly increased. The REACH Program of Wayne County and Union County has expanded beyond its ability to solely provide the gift of warmth to local families. The money set aside will also be used to help local low-income residents of Wayne or Union Counites in Indiana pay their utility bills, have access to healthy food, childcare, and ensure seniors get to doctor’s appointments. 

The expansion of our program further supports our focus areas, Economic Mobility, Childhood Success, and Access to Health. By expanding our funds to pay for childcare we are supporting the Childhood Success focus areas. Additionally, offering funding for food is connected to Access to Health. The utility and rental assistance continues to help drive up economic mobility of our community members.  

Essentially, this program helps support a variety of needs for local seniors, parents, kids, and… pets!

Utility Assistance Program of Wayne County

Can I Give Directly To The Trustee’s Office?

We fundraise by leveraging our vast network of individual donors to support this vital cause. Additionally, we can match the money raised through our matching sponsors. So, our network and partnerships allow us to be better equipped to maximize our donations.  

How Long Is The Campaign?

Our (REACH) Relief for Everyday Assistance through Community Help Campaign runs all the way through March 31st.  

How Do I Give to the reach fund?

Donate to the REACH Fund today to support local families or individuals needing rental, utility, food, and transportation assistance, as well as after-school care. 

  • Make an online donation here 
  • Text REACH2024 to 91999 
  • Checks payable to United Way Whitewater Valley for REACH Fund. Then send it to 129 S 9th St, Richmond, IN 47374 

How Do I Know The Money I’m Giving Goes To the reach Program?

To ensure the funds are only used for this purpose we have the REACH Fund, which means the money is “restricted” to only the Relief for Everyday Assistance through Community Help Program. 100% of donations collected for this fund help qualified residents in need of assistance during the coldest winter months. 

Every donation to the REACH Fund will be matched up to $2,500.00. That’s right! Our 2024 matching sponsor First English Lutheran Church will match every dollar. 

How To Apply for basic needs assistance funds in Wayne or Union County Indiana

The county trustee office helps low-income households who are not able to provide for their basic needs. (Such as rent or mortgage payment, utilities, food, personal items, or medicine). They provide direct assistance as well as many referrals to other agencies’ programs to which the applicant household may be eligible. 

Whether you live in Wayne or Union County Indiana, contact the Wayne County Trustee’s office at 401 East Main Street, Richmond IN. For more information on other Wayne Township Trustee functions and responsibilities, visit their website at 


Join us in our fight for the health, education and financial stability of everyone in Wayne and Union counties by donating today. There is a lot of work to be done which means we need your help to make positive changes in our community.   

Get to know more about our program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood successyouth successeconomic mobilityand access to health. Read more about their stories here, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.