Nonprofit Spotlight: Union County Public Library

As you may know, literacy is the cornerstone of a child’s education; almost everything they learn after the third grade requires reading. They need to know how to read books, textbooks, signs, flyers, and so much more. The inability to read significantly impacts a child’s ability to successfully continue through school. Furthermore, low literacy rates correlate to economic status. By the fourth grade, children from low-income homes have an 80 percent chance of reading below grade level.   

You may be asking yourself, what organizations are working to improve literacy in Wayne and Union counties? The great news is that organizations like The Reading Academy, The Morrison-Reeves Library and our program More Than Words are working to improve literacy and understanding. One organization that has created a significant impact in Union County is the Union County Public Library.   

Union County Public Library

Empowering People and Uniting the Community 

The mission of the Union County Public Library is to unite the community, empower adults and children and inspire new ideas. They work to empower the community by providing resources for community engagement and education. There are programs for kids and adults. No matter your age or economic status, learning never stops, so get a free library card and start learning today!   

Union County Public Library is a part of the Evergreen Indiana project. The Evergreen project is a consortium, which means members of Evergreen libraries can borrow books from all participating Indiana libraries. It is also often referred to as an interlibrary loan. That means that library cardholders can borrow almost any text in the system, significantly diversifying book availability. As a Union County Public Library cardholder, you also have access to other online loan options like OneDrive, Hoopla, Libby and Inspire.  

Whether you are visiting the library to use one of the computers, borrowing books, or joining one of their programs, the Union County Public Library has something for you! The Union County Library has programming for everyone in their county. You could take a free yoga class, enroll to complete your GED or bring your kids for activities like crafts, gaming and the imagination playground. For more opportunities check out the event calendar or follow them on social media. The Union County Library is not just about borrowing books. It is a center for community engagement. The library has a long history of helping to empower and teaching people in the community. With the help of our donors, we can continue to fund organizations like the Union County Library.

Union County Public Library

A Long Rich History 

 The Union County library has undergone location changes, but they have never stopped serving Union County. In 1888, a 100-book library was established in Union County. After its conception, they were able to diversify the book collection. By 1915, with the help of many community members, the library boasted 2,270 books and had 811 subscribers. This number of books was a record for Union County.  

In the same year, residents obtained a $10,000 grant and raised an additional $1,500 through fundraising. With this money, they purchased a lot on the corner of Seminary and Market Street. This location may be familiar to you because this is where the library still stands more than 100-years later. In those hundred years, the Union County Public Library has gone through many changes. Including doubling in size and becoming handicap accessible.   

The Union County Public library also offers homebound services for individuals who can’t leave their homes due to physical or visual impairments. Books and other resources are dropped off at the doorstep of homebound patrons. Check out this link for more information about their homebound services.   

How To Get a Library Card 

Getting a library card is easier than you might think, especially for Union County residents. For instance, all residents of Union County are eligible for a free library card. This card provides a full access account allowing patrons to benefit from all available resources and the interlibrary loan system. However, For adults to be approved for a library card, they will need proof of address on a driver’s license or photo ID. Check out the Union County Public Library website for the sign-up form and more requirements. 

Union County Public Library

Partnership and Collaboration 

Above all, we fully believe that knowledge is power, and giving people access to resources allows them to empower themselves. This opportunity is precisely what the Union County Public Library is providing to its residents. The chance to improve your education and knowledge is priceless. Public libraries like Union County Public Library are doing great work in the counties we serve. We are always thrilled to see the impact they have on the community. For more information about the Union County Public Library, visit their website or follow them on social media.   

We look forward to seeing Union County Public Library provide another hundred years of life-changing programs and resources to adults and children. We have so many other fantastic program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood successyouth successeconomic mobilityand access to health. Read more about their stories here, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.