Nonprofit Spotlight: Community Care

Community Care

Every year our program partners work to offer resources to individuals and families in need. Within Wayne and Union counties, there are always families, especially now after the effects of COVID-19, who could use additional support.

In the last two years, more than ever, families in our community have needed the help of our program partners. That is why we are thankful for organizations like Community Care in Union County.   

They are making the lives of parents in Union County a little easier. We all know that parenting can be tough, especially when it comes to finding and paying for quality childcare. Childhood success is very close to our hearts. As one of our areas of focus, we are well aware of how childhood education and quality of life affect the outcomes of children in our community. That is why organizations like Community Care have made access to childhood education their mission.   

Connecting with the Community 

Community Care offers childcare to low-income families in Union County. Offering affordable childcare is removing a heavy burden from many families. For some families in Union County, the inability to access childcare is suppressing the parent’s ability to provide for their families. Most jobs do not allow you to bring a young child with you every day. Community Care is helping parents stay employed. While also giving them the peace of mind that their child is in safe and capable hands. As the only licensed head start program in Union County, they provide services that many families would struggle without the support of Community Care. Not only is Community Care providing programming to children all over Union County, they are expanding their efforts to offer more services.   

Community Care

Available Programs 

Community Care offers head start, and early head start programs to lower-income families. Children ages birth through 5-years old are welcomed. As the only licensed Head Start program in Union County, they are filling a gap in the community. Head Start programs are essential for childhood success. We know that children entering a head start program before heading off to preschool drastically increases their chances of success. Right now, in Union County, only 31% of children are enrolled in a quality childcare program.   

In addition to childcare, they also offer education programs for the community. Mother’s to be in Union County, can enroll in parenting education classes and receive information on prenatal and postnatal care and infant care classes. Community Care supports childhood success by supporting pregnant mothers, infants and young children until they are ready for preschool. For children enrolled in Community Care, they also provide developmental testing. In the case of any developmental delays, parents are connected to the services they need. Community Care advocates for intervention and prevention. So children can get the help they need sooner, increasing their chances of childhood success.   

Diaper Connection  

Recently, through the support of a grant from United Way Whitewater Valley, Community Care was able to start the Diaper Connection or, as some may know it, the Diaper Bank or Pantry. The Diaper Connection is meeting a need in Union County. As our program partner, United Way of Whitewater Valley saw the potential and the need for this program. That is why we were thrilled to help support the program with some necessary funding.  

Diaper Connection provides diapers and wipes to families in the community. If you have had babies of your own, you know how expensive buying diapers and wipes can be. In the last year, the price of disposable diapers has increased by 14%. This is a constant need that, for many low-income families, can cause financial stress. Along with items like formula, food, toys, clothes, and so much more, diapers and wipes are two more necessities that parents need to account into their budget. That is why Diaper Connection through Community Care is working to lighten that load by providing diapers and wipes once a month. If you or someone you know needs resources from the diaper pantry, keep an eye out on their social media for the next available date to receive diapers and wipes.    

Community Care

Partnerships and Collaboration 

Here at United Way of Whitewater Valley, we cannot stress enough how vital our program partners are to the community. They are the security net that stands between many families and utter poverty. We have so many other fantastic program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood successyouth successeconomic mobilityand access to health. Read more about their stories here, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.