Making A Lasting Impact in Your Community

Impapct At A Glance


2021 was an unprecedented year, every month there seemed to be a different national or worldwide event. As we move into the New Year, each one of us is hoping for a better year than the last. How can you make this year better not just for yourself, but others as well?

Be A Catalyst Of Change In Your Community   

When we say you can change your community, we don’t mean by winning the lottery and donating thousands of dollars. Instead, we mean taking an active interest in the prosperity and health of your community. This might look like volunteering with one of our partner organizations or spreading the word about an event. When you think about change the first thing that comes to mind is most likely donations. While financial support is important, your time is equally as important. Taking time out of your day to volunteer or to promote one of our partner events, is a critical way that you can support our partner agencies. We understand that there are limits to time and money. Every ounce of support given to us is tremendously appreciated.    

Supporting your community doesn’t just benefit others it also benefits you. Volunteering in your community is good for your mind and body. It counteracts the effects of stress and anxiety. Who doesn’t need some stress and anxiety relief after the year we have endured together? Volunteering also makes you feel closer to your community. No act is too small to make an impact. Let’s make 2022 a great year by collaborating together for our community.   

Support Your Community  

As we said before donations are not the only impact you can have, but donations and gifts are one of the key ways we support our partner agencies. As the backbone of support for our agency partners, we give them access to funds and connections. So, you might be asking yourself, how can my donation dollars have an impact at United Way of Whitewater Valley?    

We track the impact that our donor’s dollars have on Wayne and Union counties. As a donor, it can be challenging to find an organization that shows you the impact of your donation. With United Way of Whitewater Valley as the facilitator of all donations, we are able to allocate your gifts to organizations that are having the most impact.    

United Way of Whitewater Valley’s Impact in 2020

Every year we reflect on the previous year by showing our donors the positive impact they have made. These are displayed in our Global Framework Documents. We are pursuing change in four specific areas, childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, and access to health. The impact our donors had on our community in 2020 was amazing and every year we strive to inspire more supporters to aid us in creating positive change. If problems are not directly impacting you, they can seem so far away. Our goal by bringing it to your front door is to inspire you to be a part of the positive change.    

In 2020 alone, our partner agencies were able to help 541 children access early childhood education, 6,618 young people participated in out-of-school programs and 8,175 people were able to access healthcare support. These are not just statistics these are real members of Wayne and Union counties whose lives were positively impacted by our donor’s funding.   

Your impact in 2022 matters. You have the ability to make a positive impact on those in your community by advocating for programs, volunteering, or donating. Each of these has a tremendous impact on those who need it most. Make this year the best year it can possibly be by impacting your community.