Join the United Way of Whitewater Valley Board

Considering joining a local board? Great! We encourage you to join the United Way of Whitewater Valley board of directors. Joining our board is a wonderful way to make a difference in Wayne and Union Counties.  

United Way of Whitewater Valley is committed to creating a positive impact through facilitation and partnership in Wayne and Union counties in Indiana. We have been serving these communities since 1928. For over 90 years, we have been bringing organizations, donors, and volunteers together to support the most vulnerable members of our community. As a board member, you will be vital in advancing our mission.  

Why Join the United Way of Whitewater Valley Board 

Joining our board of directors can be a fulfilling and meaningful experience for individuals looking to make a difference. Here are some reasons why someone might want to consider joining our board: 

Giving back to the community: Joining a local nonprofit board is an opportunity for individuals to give back to their community and make a positive impact. United Way works to address early childhood education, youth success, economic mobility, and access to healthcare, meaning you’ll play an important role in changing the lives of people in our community.  

Networking opportunities: Serving on our board can also provide valuable networking opportunities. By working alongside other like-minded individuals, board members can build relationships, connect with key community leaders, and expand their professional network. 

Skill development: Being a part of the board requires individuals to use and develop a variety of skills, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, and strategic planning. These skills are valuable not just for personal growth, but also for professional advancement. 

Sense of purpose: For many individuals serving on our board, it provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It offers an opportunity to align personal values and passions with a larger mission and to make a lasting impact in the community. 

Exposure to diverse perspectives: We are made up of individuals from various backgrounds and industries, providing board members with diverse perspectives and ideas. This can lead to new perspectives, innovative solutions, and a better understanding of the community and its needs. 

In conclusion, joining a local nonprofit board of directors is an excellent opportunity for individuals to give back to their community, network, develop new skills, find purpose, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives. Whether you want to make a difference or expand your horizons, serving on a nonprofit board can be an enriching experience. 

What To Expect 

Joining a nonprofit board of directors can be a rewarding experience; however, it’s essential to understand what responsibilities and expectations come with the role. So we’ll cover what you should expect if you join the United Way of Whitewater Valley board of directors. 

Time commitment: Joining a nonprofit board of directors requires a significant time commitment. Board members are expected to attend regular meetings, participate in fundraising and outreach efforts, and engage in other activities to support the organization. Therefore, it’s important to consider the time you can realistically commit to the role before joining our board.  

Legal responsibilities: Board members are legally responsible for the organization’s actions. This means that they are held accountable for making sure the organization is run in accordance with the law, its mission, and its bylaws. Therefore, board members should be familiar with our policies and procedures. 

Strategic leadership: Board members are responsible for providing strategic leadership to the organization. This includes setting goals, making decisions, and ensuring we are on track to meet our mission. Board members should be prepared to engage in discussions and make informed decisions that impact the United Way of Whitewater Valley’s direction. 

Fundraising: Fundraising is a critical component of our operations, and board members are often expected to play a role in these efforts. This can include making personal contributions, connecting the organization with potential donors, and helping to plan and participate in fundraising events. 

Community outreach: Board members should be prepared to be ambassadors for the organization and to engage with the community positively and professionally. 

In conclusion, joining a nonprofit board of directors is a significant commitment that comes with a range of responsibilities and expectations. By understanding these aspects of the role, you can decide whether joining our board is right for you.  

How To Join the Board 

If you are ready to make a difference in Wayne and Union Counties, contact us today to learn more about how to join the United Way of Whitewater Valley Board. We may or may not have any openings at this time but we are always ready to begin the conversation. We have a board slate with board members rolling off at different times.  

If you’re not ready to fully join the board, we encourage you to join a committee. Joining a committee will allow you an opportunity to volunteer in a variety of ways without having to fully commit to being at a monthly board meeting.  

Learn More About United Way Whitewater Valley 

There is much work to be done, which means we need your help to make positive changes in our community.   

Get to know more about our program partners working in our four focus areas: childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, and access to health. Read more about their stories here, or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley.