Becoming a Board Member with Brian Lackey

Brian Lackey United Way of Whitewater Valley Board Member

Our board members are integral to everything that we do at United Way of Whitewater Valley. Our board is comprised of prominent leaders in our community. Each of them brings different perspectives and values, but they share a common passion for Wayne and Union counties.

They oversee and aid in our efforts to impact the residents of the counties we serve. Whether it is childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, or access to health, all of our board members are passionate about impacting and improving the community they live in. Because our board members are such an important part of our organization, we take time to share their stories. Which allows the community an opportunity to get to know them. Our newest member is bringing a fresh perspective and contagious enthusiasm. We were ecstatic to bring on Brian Lackey in July.    

Get to Know Brian Our Newest Board Member 

Brian Lackey is very visible in the community so, you might recognize him as a local multi-million-dollar producing Realtor® with Better Homes and Gardens in Richmond, specializing in residential realty. The primary counties Brian focuses on are Wayne, Union, Fayette and Randolph. Brian is always out and about in the community preparing for showings, hosting showings and connecting with his clients. As an extrovert, Brian is constantly talking with community members and working to find his clients their perfect homes. His goal is to find clients the ideal home and teach them about financial stability. For instance, many people believe that they can’t afford to buy a home. With the resources available in Wayne and Union counties, almost anyone can buy a house. Brian understands the importance of spreading awareness about the tremendous resources available.  

Brian’s daily experience with other residents of Wayne and Union counties makes him very passionate about positively impacting the community. He is in touch with residents who see missing things in the community and see a need for more awareness about resources. In addition, after years of seeing these needs in the community, Brian is passionate about impacting and bringing positive change to the communities he loves.   

When he is not working or advocating in the community, he spends time with his spouse and his two furry friends, Brayden and Mia. Mia and Brayden are two rambunctious chihuahuas with big personalities and human names. How did this lively and busy member of the community find out about United Way of Whitewater Valley? Well, he heard about it through one of our other board members. 

Learning About United Way 

One of his good friends, Patrick Ripberger, first brought UWWV to his attention. Read a blog written by Patrick Ripberger about mental health awareness. Upon Patrick’s introduction, Brian became very interested in our mission, values and goals. After that, he researched the UWWV through our website and social media platforms. On these platforms, Brian saw United Way of Whitewater Valley’s ability to pivot. UWWV provides funds to organizations that are meeting the needs of the community. After some consideration, Brian decided that he identifies with our mission and goals for Wayne and Union counties. Likewise, the passion for the community displayed by the United Way of Whitewater Valley staff and board is also reflected in Brian. For Brian, this seemed like it would be a perfect fit.   

After he had conducted his research, Brian was ready to move forward by interviewing with United Way of Whitewater Valley. Patrick, who had initially introduced Brian to UWWV, asked him if he was ready to interview with the board members. 

The Board Member Interview Process 

However, going into the interview with the board members, Brian was unsure of what to expect. All he could do was dress his best and bring his passion for the community. Brian compared the interview to a job interview, which is something that he appreciated. They asked him questions about his career and community experience.   

During the interview, the board members were interviewing him, but he was also interviewing them, and Brian was impressed with the board members’ passion. They were very serious during the interview, and while some people would have seen this as intimidating, Brian took it as a good sign. For him, their enthusiasm for the community spoke to the legitimacy and dedication of everyone at UWWV.  Once the interview was over, it was time for the board to vote. After the interview, Brian anxiously awaited the board’s decision to appoint him to the board.     

Brian Lackey United Way of Whitewater Valley Board Member

Goals for United Way of Whitewater 

Brian was appointed to our board at the beginning of July. We are thrilled to welcome him into our organization. Brian is so excited to begin promoting and spreading awareness about United Way of Whitewater Valley. He is incredibly enthusiastic about spreading awareness about the Program Partners that support economic mobility. Because of his career, he has a passion economic mobility. He is passionate about giving everyone the resources they need to access affordable housing and achieve financial stability.   

During our interview with Brian for this blog, we asked him where he would like to see Wayne and Union counties in 10 years. In 10 years, he would like to see an increased awareness of available resources in the community. Brian would also like Wayne and Union counties known for their high-quality education and high graduation rates. In addition, to spreading awareness and high-quality education, he wants the community he lives in to draw other people in through great schools, jobs and recreation. Wayne and Union counties have made tremendous progress, and Brian is excited to be making a positive impact as a board member for United Way of Whitewater Valley.  

Each of our fantastic program partners is working in our four areas of focus, childhood success, youth successeconomic successaccess to health. Learn more about United Way of Whitewater Valley by reading our blog, or sign up for our newsletter to get monthly updates.