More Than Words

More Than Words is an initiative of the United Way of Whitewater Valley which seeks to bring together schools, businesses, and community organizations around the common language of a value word and application every month.

I never have thought that there was a time we didn't need MTW and these monthly value words, but over the past six months, I have felt deeply how much we DO need to be intentional about how we think of each other and our community. We need to be able to access in ourselves creativity, compassion, kindness, honor, patience, peace, and respect so that we can do seemingly "big" things like fight systemic racism and overcome global pandemics, and seemingly "small" things like get along with family members during quarantine and solve problems together at work and school. I don't anticipate this need going away soon.


So for both months this summer (June and July), we will focus on the word IMAGINATION: finding inspiration in everyday things. You may need imagination this summer to:

  • Create memories with your family when travel and group activities are limited
  • Fill the time when camps and summer programs are cancelled
  • Work with community leaders to address large-scale inequalities
  • Enjoy outdoor opportunities to interact safely with people
  • Experience music, food, sports, and other activities we often participate in with large groups
  • Pivot your methods used at your place of work, school, or community organization to meet the needs of people under new guidelines
  • Find ways to rest and recharge and practice self-care

Monthly Files
Each bubble holds all the files needed to learn and grow in this months word.

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