More Than Words

More Than Words is an initiative of the United Way of Whitewater Valley which seeks to bring together schools, businesses, and community organizations around the common language of a value word and application every month. Participation for all organizations is free of charge! If you'd like to show families in our community that your organization supports kindness, generosity, respect, and honor, let us know!

I regularly feel like the values are perfectly placed for where our community is in a particular moment, but it has never quite come together like this. However, instead of simply encouraging people to show a certain behavior this month, I think we should also acknowledge that this month's word is already happening, all around us, in adults and kids alike. The word this month is HUMILITY- putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

Every person who is staying home is showing humility.
Every person serving food or shopping for others is showing humility.
Everyone keeping us going as essential workers are showing humility.
Every person working in health care or as a first responder is showing humility.
Every kid who is disappointed that their special event got cancelled (sports, music, prom, etc) is showing humility.
Every teacher trying to figure out how to encourage, teach, and equip kids right now is showing humility.
Everyone working from home despite interruptions from children and pets is showing humility.