United Way of Whitewater Valley’s 2022 Workplace Campaign

Workplace Campaign

Are You Ready To Change The Game?

The annual workplace campaign is vital to United Way of Whitewater Valley’s fundraising strategy. Corporate partners can contribute in several ways. The most exciting and engaging way to participate is an Employee Workplace Campaign. Where your entire organization gets involved in having fun, raising donations, and engaging in activities.    

Our 2021 Make It Happen campaign improved the lives of residents in Wayne and Union counties, but this year will be a total game-changer. We think our new 2022 theme: Be A Game Changer, coupled with your organization’s dedication, we can reach our goal. Now is your company’s opportunity to join the fight for health, education, financial stability, and the basic needs of every person in Wayne and Union Counties.    

Workplace Campaign

Why Being A Game Changer Matters

Over the past two years, Covid-19 has significantly impacted our local employers, creating labor shortages, supply chain challenges, and regulatory changes. Additionally, the pandemic changed how and where we work. Unfortunately, the downstream impact was a decline in our annual workplace campaign fundraising efforts. It isn’t easy to launch a workplace campaign when two-thirds of the office is working from home. We get it. We understand there’s been so much going on focusing on a campaign may feel overwhelming.    

However, these funds raised are crucial to our communities. Our local schools, families, and nonprofits need your support more than ever. Complicated problems require the work of many people to make an impact.  

Recent Highlights Of Our Work In The Communities We Serve

  • 422 children in Wayne and Union Counties were able to access quality early childhood programs over the last year. This means those children will enter Kindergarten better prepared for success.  
  • Our Program Partners were able to help 666 individuals and families from our community gain access to services and support to improve their financial stability and access to affordable housing.  
  • Our Program Partners helped 5,271 people just last year access health support, like preventative care, mental health treatment and counseling, and services for people with physical disabilities.  

United Way of Whitewater Valley’s role is to work with companies, nonprofits, and other organizations to identify the community’s needs. Determine the root causes of these needs, facilitate collaboration between various organizations, and fund those organizations to address the root cause. You, as an employer, play a vital role in ensuring our community’s toughest challenges are solved.   

Workplace Campaign

Making A Workplace Campaign Easier and More Fun To Host

When we put ourselves in the shoes of local campaign chairs and employers, we knew we had to make 2022 the best, yet most accessible workplace campaign ever. We knew we had to increase our support in helping you host the campaign.    

We pulled together ways to make it easier to host an effective campaign, provide you with ideas on making it fun, and give an overview of the rewards. However, if you are not able to host a campaign, you can still give a one-time donation and be recognized as a Corporate Partner.     

Making a Workplace Campaign Easy

We also make it easy to run a workplace campaign by introducing a way for workplace charitable donations to be automatic deductions from employee paychecks. Automatic deductions minimize the hassle of collecting charitable funds while providing an almost effortless way for employees to participate.   

Compared to other fundraising methods, workplace employee giving campaigns are more sustainable and cost-effective. The costs needed to run workplace giving campaigns are much lower than running other charitable donation campaigns. Working with the United Way of Whitewater Valley, you have access to a proven campaign management system.  

Additionally, we’ve created a suite of support materials on our Campaign Toolkit page to help you promote your campaign. We’ve created this toolkit to help you organize the campaign, communicate it to employees, and share with the community your company’s involvement along with other resources to make your job as easy as possible. 

Making a Workplace Campaign Rewarding

Becoming a corporate partner with United Way of Whitewater Valley helps you meet your social responsibility objectives. You can also engage your employees, and demonstrate your passion for making a difference in the community you call home. Your contributions can go to a specific endeavor. For example, early childhood success or access to health – or you can allow us to help you choose. Our goal is to make sure your corporation’s gift goes to support our community’s most treasured programs. 

Game On! 

Whether you want to make a one-time donation, make a one-time matched donation, or host a workplace campaign, we are ready to partner with you. When you’re a corporate partner with United Way of Whitewater Valley, you’ll be in good company. Check out our list of local corporate partner companies on our website’s Corporate Partner page.  

Are you ready to be a game-changer and get started with your 2022 workplace campaign? Great! Contact us today at 765-962-2700.